Welcome to Life Coaching Cards

Life Coaching Cards™ Toolkits are easy and portable self-help tools developed by Dr. Levitan from over 20 years of experience in helping people navigate major life issues like depression, anxiety, grief, addictions, and destructive dieting and eating habits. She has also helped people develop supportive life skills such as time management, goal setting, affirmations, and journaling.

Following years of private practice and independent research, Dr. Dawn created Life Coaching Cards™ to help people apply basic psychological and coaching principles to improve their lives. These cards can be used by you independently or in conjunction with traditional structured counseling and psychotherapy. They are a useful tool in hospital and clinical settings as well as for people in their personal / private lives.

Here’s what comes in each order of Life Coaching Cards™

Life Coaching Cards TM are packaged as a Toolkit including the Life Coaching Cards themselves, an elegant carrying pouch, a purposed-sized mechanical pencil, and a smudge proof eraser. Each Toolkit is designed to specifically address a challenge that you may be facing in your life. The toolkits are a 4 x 6 card pencil erasable pack of 30 to 40 cards on a ring holder. A pencil and eraser are included in the toolkit bag.

Here’s how you use the Life Coaching Cards™

Here’s how you use the Life Coaching CardsTMFirst, read the cue or quote on the front of each card. Next, flip the card over and respond to the cue by using the pencil provided in the toolkit. You may erase and reuse these cards over again as your thoughts or situation change. As you grow and change you can erase your old way of responding and write a newer more relevant response. Using the toolkit helps walk you through the emotional and mental changes as you process the issues you are facing.

The cards may be used in any order that works for you in your life situation. Feel free to sort the cards on the ring as you use them throughout your day. They are small enough to fit in your purse or briefcase. You may take 1 or more cards with you each day to focus on a specific area that you decide to work on. These cards may be used as a supplemental therapy tool if you are already working with a coach or counselor.

Life Coaching Cards™ and Your Organization

Consultations are available for individuals, businesses, EAP (employee assistance programs) and corporations who would like to talk with Dr. Dawn about customizing and/or developing Life Coaching CardsTM to the needs of your clients, customer or patient population. Inpatient, outpatient clinics and hospital based program and private therapeutic settings will benefit from this new toolkit. Contact me for development information tailored to your unique setting and needs. Cobranding is available upon request.