About Me, Dr. Dawn Levitan

Dr. Dawn Levitan is a cognitive behavioral therapist who focuses on empowering each individual to make healthy choices for their personal, family and work lives. She has training in educational psychology, cognitive behaviorism and biopsychology.

Dr. Dawn specializes in empowering people to better understand and become an active participant in their lives. Whether struggling with lifelong issues related to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, fears and phobias, or other family relationships she will help you regain a better balance in your life today. She has a strong interest in women’s issues and empowers women and their families to make strong healthy choices.

Dr. Dawn offers a trained and experienced ear to help you understand and reveal your inner authentic self, decrease dependency on others, identify and decrease the enmeshment and other barriers which may be holding you back. Providing an interactive and compassionate approach, she will teach you how flexibility in thinking helps you more realistically interact with your current lifestyle situation. Together you will find a better path and alternative solutions for dealing with the lessons life has provided for you.

Dr. Levitan has over 20 years of providing mental health services in hospital and outpatient settings. She also provides personalized coaching services for individuals whose focus is on identifying and releasing barriers to achieve greater life balance and personal goal achievement. Dr. Dawn listens intently, integrating the most current therapies that will provide the most beneficial outcome for your unique personal situation. Dr. Dawn works within a private practice that interacts with your chosen primary care physician or other health care providers. She is both knowledgeable and comfortable consulting with other mental health providers in the McHenry County area.

She believes that providing good service means taking the time to listen compassionately and work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the services you need. Her business approach is client-oriented, and she maintains the strictest confidentiality in all mattters.